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For a long time now, I’ve looked at my life like it was a pie with four pieces—health, relationships, finances, community—and it has been a constant inner battle to balance all four to create the perfectly balanced pie. If any one piece gets larger, you fail to savour the others. It is a pipe dream, of course. Often, when I finally cracked one piece of the pie, everything else became smaller, naturally. However, during the last month, I looked at the pie and realised, it was balanced enough. A little skewness here and there, but balanced, more or less. As I walked around the city that day, I realised that the pie will obviously go to shit soon enough, and it did, but I moved forward with the knowledge that the pie was balanced for once, and it will be again. That is what I want to do now for the rest of my life—perfect my pie now that I’ve managed to bake it once.

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