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I was talking to some friends the other day, and it does not matter which friends or what it was that we were talking about but what does matter is that all of us seemed to agree on this one thing that I said almost spontaneously and without intent. “I don’t care about anything anymore”, I said. “All I want is calm and civility”. That’s exactly where I am these days. I hate being pestered unnecessarily. My opinions, albeit strong, are usually kept to myself now. I find myself quieter and calmer in situations I would’ve completely lost myself earlier. Perhaps, I’m just tired. I may never know for how long this may last but I’ve been enjoying the calm. Often, if I can find a moment between the chores, errands, and other everyday shenanigans, I look up and I stay that way for some time, staring at whatever is directly above me, the same words rolling in my head, “I don’t care about anything anymore. All I want is calm and civility.”

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