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Have you ever watched a kid fall down on the ground? I’m talking about the really young kids who still haven’t gotten a sense of what the world is like and how a fall could hurt them. These kids, they just fall down, you know? They don’t stop. They don’t put their arms forward, haphazardly trying to grab onto something. Kids, they just fall. Then, they take a moment to process what just happened to them, and then they choose whether to cry or laugh. It’s never too sure which of the two they’ll do because you see, kids, they’re not afraid, and they’re not busy trying to save themselves before things happen to them, and they don’t plan ahead. They do whatever is happening at the moment, and they do it effortlessly. You see, it’s us adults who are afraid of diving headfirst and getting hurt. I wish I could fall like a kid every once in a while.

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