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You’ll do good, kid. You’ll grow up just fine. I know going up to people and saying a simple Hi seems like the end of the world but you’ll make friends. You’ll make friends who stick by your side for years. I know you act all high and mighty as if you’re somehow better than them but you secretly wish they invited you just once. They will. You’ll go out and have fun and travel and go places and do things. You’ll do everything. Don’t be overwhelmed. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The idea is to be blatantly yourself. You’ll learn. You’ll be better. Then, better is all you’ll seek. Even if you don’t change at all, the bottom line is, you’ll do good. Everything that feels like the end of the world will eventually be a little stumble out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll fall, but you’ll get up. The world won’t end. One day, in what will feel like a hundred years from now, I hope you sit and look back on how difficult you thought it all was, and I hope at that moment you tell yourself what you should’ve said all those years ago, “You’ll do good, kid. You’ll grow up just fine.”

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