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…and sometimes you never find closure. You can ask for it, demand for it or even beg for it. You can throw the largest tantrum in the history of tantrums only wishing to come full circle but it won’t be that way. Do you know what you will find though? You’ll find friends and a table filled with beer. You’ll find yourself meeting people you thought you’ll never meet from places you may never see. You’ll start to spend nights under the stars more often than you ever thought you would. You’ll find a good place to go to every day. You’ll find a life you never thought you could create, and you’ll find yourself lifting yourself up to maintain it now that it’s there. You’ll find a lot of things if only you take a good look at them. If you do that, you’ll have an epiphany. Sometimes you don’t need closure; sometimes, you need a great breakfast to start a better day among a series of extraordinary ones, and that is enough. One day, finally, as you listen to a song on your morning commute, you’ll realise—closure wasn’t something you asked for; closure was something you gave yourself.

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