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Hello, friend. I’m a work-in-progress. I’m a canvas with some strokes on it. I’m the dollop of paint that happened to fall on a corner.

Hello, friend. I’m the odd note that makes the piece go wrong. I’m the sheet of music, marked all over like it was done by an amateur.

Hello, friend. I’m the bad prose and the hollow plot. I’m the bland characters and that extra adjective.

Hello, friend. I’m a lot of things, and I was a lot of things. Before a dollop of paint, I was a blank canvas. Before the odd notes, I was a blank sheet of paper. Before the bad prose, I was an idea.

Hello, friend. One fine day, I’ll be a terrific painting, I’ll be a breathtaking symphony, and I’ll be an epic manuscript. Until then, bear with me as I rid myself of my imperfections.

Hello, friend. I appreciate you sticking around. Thank you.

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