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So you know why you feel what you feel. So you understand why people do what they do. You’ve spent years, inside your own head, truly trying to develop a sense for it. You know now; you understand now.

But sometimes, you want to just let out a sigh or tear of cluelessness but you know yourself too well now. You may be clueless about everything but not about what goes on inside you.

And sometimes, you want to just let out a fit of anger because someone did something and something happened but you understand all of them well enough to let it slide. You may not understand everything yet but you understand people.

The problem is, you still feel what you feel and people still do what they do, and there’s not a damn you can do about it. So, you let out a sigh, and you keep walking. I’m sorry no one ever told you, buster, empathy is a double-edged sword.

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