Bookmark #69

I wish you a love like a chilly winter night where warm conversation in a warm blanket won’t let you let out as much as a sneeze. A love, like the first ray of sun on the otherwise misty and hazy hill which leaves its lifelessness in a second as it sees the yellow warmth over it. A love like the puppy who walks in that sunlight, feeling a plethora of feelings all of a sudden. I wish you a love like the one that makes him jump with joy as the morning sets in.

I wish you a love like the stormy sea. A love so passionate that it is ready to destroy even the hardest of rocks in its way. A love that feels so cold and often, so salty but is not afraid to splash around and make its mark on everything it touches. I wish you a love which doesn’t get calmer with the rain and only becomes more enticed to grow and consume everything within it. A love so fierce and free nothing compares to it.

I wish you a love like the little town where nothing ever happens. A love that is deceitful and cunning as the narrow alleys you enter to steal a moment of embrace. A love that makes you run away from the prying eyes of your friends who are all over town. I wish you a love like the warm cup of coffee in a fancy café and a love like sizzling street food. I wish you a love like the very life you have, eventful and spontaneous.

I wish you a love like the dry desert. A love where even when you’re alone and left behind, the feeling stays with you. A love like the last drop of water on a shrub which is never consumed rather protected. I wish you a love so fiery it turns everything bland and colourless, and which brings cracks to your life as it slowly leaves like that last drop on the shrub which despite all protection and shade, evaporates away under the blazing sun.

When all of it is said and done, I wish you a love that makes you get out of your bed and look at yourself in the mirror. A love so personal and strong it rushes straight into your heart as you stare at your reflection. A love for yourself so infinite, all those phoney infinities are put to shame.

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