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You know what? Sometimes life throws a curveball and there’s no other purpose besides one thing—to make you feel the worst gut-wrenching in the entire history of gut-wrenching. You’d be sitting at an arm’s length with someone you know like the back of your hand, and you’d not say a single word. You’ll sit there, both of you, pretending to be strangers. At that moment, nothing comes to mind—no self-help article, no psychobabble bullshit, no epic mantra for positivity, and surely not a verse of poetry. There comes only one thing, in that one hour, and that is one large cup of disappointment. Call it fate, if that helps you sleep at night but remember this, you’re only kidding yourself because this is your life—a banal ballad of baseless probabilities and numbers you can’t see. There’s no grand meaning; there’s just that day when life decides to throw a curveball, and nothing else matters.

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