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Timmy was a little boy. Everyone thought they knew Timmy. Timmy went away for a while. Timmy did it for the first time. Timmy wanted to tell everyone he did it but they were too busy doing other things. Timmy did it again. Then, Timmy did it every day. Everyone met Timmy when he was back. Timmy did it as they watched. “You’ve changed, Timmy,” everyone sighed.

Timmy’s story sounds familiar because it happens every day. Humans, we’re always influencing those immediately around us, and I don’t mean this in a bad sense. However, the problem arises when you and the Timmy in the story start doing different things and no longer have an influence over each other.

It is at this point that you start to grow differently, for better or for worse, and it isn’t until your paths cross again that you learn how large the gap has become. Whether you take it like everyone and declare it as Timmy’s fault or not is up to you though, and I hope you understand enough to choose the latter.

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