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You know what? Some things never get old. A random kid walking down the street to catch a balloon. The moment you realise you’re back home after a long while. A friend sitting across the table with some coffee and food between you. Irrespective of how your life is going, a little puppy will be as cute as it was when you first saw it. No matter how you’re feeling today, a baby’s laughter will sure make you smile for a second. Maybe, it gets aggravating after but when it starts, you smile. You know what? There’s a part of being human that forces us to enjoy the little things. You can be a cynic and refuse to laugh all you want for you’ve seen the worst of life. You can miss out on the little things if you’re willing to do so but you know it too. You know that those little things never get old because those little things aren’t little at all. They’re the biggest part of what makes you human. You know that, right? I know you do.

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