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Yesterday was a really good day. As much as I dislike societal norms, I think we ought to give a day or two to ourselves. Birthdays are just an excuse, like New Years’ or any other day that happens every year, for us to put our progress into perspective. I don’t think they serve any other purpose besides that.

There has been a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning in the last one year. The time between I turned twenty-one and twenty-two has been a rollercoaster, personally. I’ve talked to so many people and all of them agree that it’s the age. It’s extremely eventful and things change really fast.

A new friend I made while travelling told me that I’ll be twenty-nine in a blink, and I won’t even realise how time passed. I think I have a feel of what she meant when she said that. That said, irrespective of how much time had passed, some conflicts in my life have stayed the same… or at least, they had until yesterday.

I have come to realise that life goes on not because of certain people or events but despite them. In that sense, all we can do is try and stop controlling situations and take charge of that one thing that we can control–ourselves.

Despite how much chaos brewed in the little things, and despite the few major losses that happened between the twenty-fourth of October last year and yesterday, I’ve also realised that I have a blessed life in most respects, especially when it comes to the people I have in my life–all of them. I am extremely grateful for that and more.

That gratefulness is why I want to move forward setting even better examples for myself and improving continually as a person. To be honest, I’ve really done a lot that I had wanted to do this year but I don’t think I’m done yet.

I don’t think I’ll be done ever. I hope I can keep looking at myself every year and always see myself progressing in what feels like the right direction. Lastly, if I ever look back and notice a misstep, I hope I can correct my course quickly.

It was an eventful year. Thank you for sending in your wishes yesterday, and I’m extremely sorry if I missed your call. Here’s to being twenty-two-years-old!

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