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I woke up ecstatic today only because it had rained for the entire night. I was sure of this because I slept late and woke up twice in the middle of the night, and it was still raining. For many months now, I have wanted this: to wake up to a rainy day or a day that has just had the brunt of a shower. It has happened, and I am happy. That is no reason to be happy, one might say, and I would coin them fools. There is no better moment for it to rain than the beginning of the night. There is no proper time for it to end than the early morning, albeit if it lingers for a little bit into the morning and overstays its welcome, that is okay, too. But my joy is only partly for the rain. My joy is based on the fact that it has happened. I waited and waited, and it happened. In the last few months, I had grown weary and tired of waiting. All my days were marred by this shadow. Months of waiting to witness this: to wake up to a day that is wholly washed over, when the grass on my balcony does not feel fraudulent, and when the sky looks a tad bit cleaner, and the sun shines a little brighter.

This sluicing of everything happening overnight as if it were a highway being constructed or a city street under repair, perhaps, where if you take a walk early in the morning, you can still see the workers going at it, close to its end. That is how I imagined it would feel, and I knew it would be like this, of course. All of us have had a day like this in our childhoods. If not all, then most of us. We must always be mindful that there is always a distribution at play. Someone will always come up and say, “but not me,” and we must be aware of it and prepare for them beforehand. The preparation can be done in a plethora of ways, but in this case, it is one of welcoming. Come, look around. It has rained.

The day is exactly as I had imagined. Now, my wait is over. There is only one reason for my happiness today, and I could not iterate it more. All my tasks and activities in these months have had a corner of my mind waiting. Now, everything is clearer. What a day to go out and about, to make a joke that makes little sense and then laugh a little. But first, I must make a cup of coffee.

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