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The trappings of life will get you now and then. Sooner than later, the reminder that it is not a bed of roses you sleep on but a tableau of disproportionate difficulties will ring loud, and everything else will cease to matter. I wonder if the illusions you set your day around will be able to distract you long enough from the truth. For how long, do you reckon, will you be able to ignore where you started from? There is always that problem to solve. No amount of regurgitated inspirational crap will make it true that the playing field of life is seldom levelled, and what is a desperate attempt for many is simply a choice for some. Many people have no choice but to move with the one road they see ahead, and some choose dreams like they choose their clothes each morning, and they buy a new one now and then, and that’s that. Now, it could be said that life is hard for everyone despite where they start from, and that would be true. But it could also be said that although not always, the scale of difficulty starts to factor in eventually. Both of these can be true, and only the privileged will be the ones to challenge the veracity of one of them. We all know which one of them that is, and to be able to refute that and shrug it off is precisely what privilege entails. That is the reminder I leave for myself in the wake of a day that has felt like a potpourri of everything a human being can feel. There is no other thought but this reverberating rumination roaming in my head: I must not forget where I come from, I must not forget where I come from, I must not forget where I come from… else I won’t remember to work, else I won’t remember to leave.

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