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After roaming about the markets of Udaipur, I came and sat at the Gangaur Ghat to watch the sunset when a little kid caught my eye. He sat right between me and the sun, and he had taken his wristwatch off which to me was peculiar. Then, I watched the boy for over an hour. He was there alone and something about the way he sat there made me believe he came there regularly. This little boy complete with his tiny earrings and cropped hair stared at the sun in awe. Then he looked around at the people and the flocks of pigeons flying above us regularly. He played with the water at regular intervals. When the sun had set and the sky turned pink, followed by navy blue, he got up and left as casually as he sat there. He wasn’t there to miss someone or think about his life. He really was there to watch the sunset. It was inspiring to watch him just be himself. It was a reminder to never forget the little boy who wanted to sit by himself, play a bit, and watch beautiful things.

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