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Pushkar is first and foremost the fifty-two ghats. Then, it is a market around them. Then, there’s a city around the market. But that’s not all Pushkar is, in fact, the most important part to it is the people. I’ve never seen such an amalgamation of different people and cultures in such a small area. A simple walk through the Pushkar market will have you pass authentic Rajasthani handicraft shops, followed by a falafel stand, followed by a cafe, followed by a pizzeria, followed by a kachori stand, and so on. It all works together. The people who live there, permanently or temporarily, all coexist and love each other. The pigeons love flying about continually. The market echoes with Namastes, High Fives, and friendly banter. Then, there’s the sunset point at Savitri Mata Temple where the sound just ceases to exist. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what religion you follow, or whether you’re a human or a langoor, all of you stare at the sunset in awe and silence. You take it in, together. Eagles soar in the sky as the sun descends over the valley and besides some soft conversation, no one says a word. I think that’s the most beautiful part of Pushkar—the understanding.

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