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I came to Pushkar less than two days ago, and there are a lot of things I can tell you about here but there’s a particular thing that really caught my eye while sitting at the sunset point with a couple of friends I made today. There were birds who’d fly to a point in the air and then, just stay in one place. Their wings would stretch out as they floated and soared casually in the iridescent sky. They’d do that until the wind would change directions or perhaps, they’d get tired and they’d plunge downward, and then they’d rise up again, still trying to stand still mid-air. We talked about how we’d wanted to do the same thing. Then, it hit me, not that I said it out loud. We already do the same thing. We find a place, an orientation, in our life we spend some time into, almost standing still, but things change like the wind or we get tired and we take a plunge downward, sometimes really quickly. Just like the birds though, we rise again and float again, and on and on the cycle goes.

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