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Maybe, I’m not old enough to be preaching about life but I think I have one thing down clearly. I think there’s only one concrete rule here, and everything else is just up to us. The rule is simple – be alive. To be as excited of kicking a pebble down the street as you would watch a breathtaking view. It’s never going to be a perfect day or a perfect week or a perfect month or a perfect year. The very nature of life means it goes from zero to shit really quickly, and I think it is in those moments that we should remember the single rule there is – be alive. Don’t waste moments worth smiling with half-hearted smiles. It is all-in or nothing. It’s always been that way. The very nature of life is that it goes from being there to just stopping in a flash. I think it’s up to us to choose what we count until it does – our losses or times we were truly alive, even if those times have passed. The very nature of life is to go forward, and we can’t do that unless we learn to be alive.

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