Bookmark #35

You know what my favourite colour is? It’s blue… but no ordinary blue. My favourite colour is the blue of the sky right before a downpour. I think that is the only instance where blue gets to be angry and I think that’s utterly beautiful. It’s often referred to as the calm before the storm but I don’t think it’s ‘calm’ at all. It’s the kind of chaos that pushes everything to move faster, quicker toward safety.

If you’ve ever noticed the sky I’m talking about, you know the uneasiness it drives into you. Somehow, you start seeking warmth even before the temperature drops. That is how scary an angry blue can be and that is why it’s the rarest of all blues.

You know why that is though? I’ll give you my two cents. It’s unexpected of the colour. It’s out of character for it. That’s what makes it scary. It is always scary when someone breaks the mould, especially when it’s the calmest one of them all.

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