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The point is, we endure. We endure and we go on another day. Yeah, a lot of us take years to get out of our own personal pits but we do. We stand again, do our best again, and we try to keep standing. We have days. We have bad ones. We have bad weeks. We have bad months. Yet, we open our eyes in the morning and get up again. Yes, it’s hard on some days and even harder on others but it’s not impossible. It never is… because we’ve done so before and we’ll do it again. Sometimes, we need to ask those near us for aid. They help us and get us up on our feet. They hope we’ll be there when they’re unable to do just that. We know we will. We have our own personal wars waging inside our heads and despite that, we do what we have to do. We help a stranger looking for directions. We go out of our way to help a friend. We make sure we laugh a bit amidst all the chaos. We endure and we go on another day, and that is the whole point. That is what it means to be human.

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