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When you brew coffee yourself and when you do it enough, you learn the little details about how coffee serves you. You learn to leave it an extra minute if you’re doing something intensive and need a kick. You learn to create a mellow cup if all you’re looking to do is get lost in art or words. You start noticing that even the fifteen seconds you let it sit by itself make a huge difference in how it affects what you’re doing.

It’s quite similar in life. You need certain qualities at peak for certain activities. You can’t always be on edge and yet, you can’t always be slackening. Sometimes, you’d need to be proactive and yet, sometimes you’d need patience. A little over to one side and your days can get heavy and yet sometimes, you need a heavy blend.

There’s a certain consciousness required in life as it is required in brewing a well-suited cup of coffee. That is where I think life and coffee coincide and I think that’s utterly beautiful.

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