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If you asked me about my ideal cup of coffee, I’d tell you that I like it lukewarm—too hot and it burns the tongue; too cold and it feels underwhelming. My ideal cup of coffee, I’d tell you, is heavy-bodied that feels nothing else but rich. Rich, not only in its consistency but in the flavour, with hints of different ones trying to take the stage. Flavours which get added with the journey the beans go through from plant to the cup. I’d tell you, I like a cup of coffee that has a hint of unexpected flavour or fruitiness; added perhaps, due to their exotic origins and stories. Lastly, I’d say, that I prefer a medium to dark roasted blend just because how open they are to their true nature and taste. Then, I’d sit and look at you, smiling. I’d take a minute and a few sips and I’d tell you, that is exactly how I like my friendships too.

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