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On my recent weekend trip to home and back, there was a lot of turbulence due to bad weather. The turbulence was, however, not limited to the time I was in the air. It was ever-present in conversations and relationships during the couple of days I had in Dehradun. If you’ve ever been in violent turbulence, you’d know how easy it is to think of the worst case scenario. It’s easy because neither you nor the people around you are piloting the flight, and it is very easy to lose faith when you’re not in control. When we’re not in control, even a little shake feels like the end of the world, but it’s usually not. It’s just our survival instinct kicking in and trying to save us from sudden death. On a very turbulent weekend, I learned that because it is easiest to think of the worst case scenario is why we should cross it off first. There’s always space for a little hope and a little tailwind to help us reach wherever we’re trying to go. We just have to let the turbulence pass as we move into calmer skies.

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