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In the morning, this apartment gets the most wonderful sun. Now, I do not know which side it faces, if it is true East or some skew here and there, and when you tell people about this, that the apartment gets this incredible blast of light, I believe they ask you these questions for no particular reason. While, what they should be doing is appreciating it or, if they are so keen on seeing it, making plans for breakfast. This is where I believe I think differently from others. This is, of course, a bold claim. We can never be truly different, and anyone who claims that will be saddened to hear that there always is someone else like you. This may be news to some, and to some, this may be the greatest vindication, but it is how things are, and so, my only intention in saying this is that I exist in a sort of perpetual disagreement with where I tend to be, or where I was born, or where the borders end of where I can be. And I am sure, by this line, it is getting frustrating, like the audience waiting after a cliffhanger or some big reveal in some book that just won’t arrive. So, I will elaborate on what I meant, and then, I shall wrap this piece neatly and tie a bow onto it for pleasure.

I believe I simplify things. I cut to the chase in thought so I do not have to spend time waiting. At work, I do not like blaming others, and if I realise something is out of place, and if I can fix it, I fix it myself and do not point fingers. This is how I am with people, in general, too, or at least I try to be. If you can fix something, the only course of action is to fix it. The rest is laziness. I also believe that in all things in life, there is the fuss and fluff, and then there are the important bits. I have good reason to believe—through experience and error—that most people do not know how to separate them, and perhaps—through luck and practice—I have learned to do it. This is how things are, and if they were the same as others, I would not get looks when I said something in some gathering, and I would not be told that I was always out of step with people, and perhaps, it is true. But then again, I wonder which is worse, to be out of step with people or yourself?

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