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Today I realised that I’m not as impulsive as I previously believed. It’s my decision-making process which is rather quick. I used to make rash decisions once upon a time. However, that changed gradually as I grew up. Now, I make moderately calculated decisions quickly.

Good design is working within specific constraints to fulfill a particular purpose or task as well as you can. My process relies on that philosophy. You may think otherwise and that is fine, if that works for you.

The way I see it, if you’ve acknowledged the basic premise and you have mapped out your constraints well, the only thing left between that decision and you is action.

Everything after that basic process, the back-and-forth questioning, the constant begging for random advice and so on is superfluous. It’s unnecessary. It’s clutter. It feeds on your inaction. It’s a feedback loop.

I don’t understand sitting on something for a month and then doing what you would’ve done anyway. Why waste the time? Just do it. Nothing’s going to change next week, month or year.

If anything, the constraints will be the same, if not tighter. The premise will remain the same. You’ll still be at square one. So, roll the dice already. Push the domino, see how things fall. Then, improvise.

If your design is flawless, you wasted too much time on it.

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