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Have you ever wondered what a moment of inspiration feels like? Well, hear me out.

You’re going home tomorrow, it’s been a while and you haven’t felt that great about anything you did lately. Then, three things happen almost spontaneously, like some predisposed plan, some grand scheme.

You get a coffee and have a great conversation with your barista, you come out and play a song on your phone and as you look up a plane passes under the moon. In one fell swoop, everything aligns perfectly, it all just fits somehow and you smile like you’re the happiest person in the world.

There’s no magic pill and it isn’t grand like what they show in the movies. It’s in the seemingly unimportant or in the mundane.

Inspiration is a series of gears, very small and insignificant, working together, one cog at a time, moving a machine which is, unlike their individual selves, significant and important.

That’s what a moment of inspiration really feels like. It is any moment where you’re completely in the present, absorbing and embracing every little thing like there was nothing else to do.

It hits you and all of a sudden you feel inspired. Then, you do whatever you’re good at; you do you!

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