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All intense arguments end in a silence that overstays its welcome, but they truly end with a glass of scotch as you try to let it all fade in the background, especially when you have some words to write. True neutrality is impossible, and not taking a stance often becomes a stance. The only terrible part about that is how lonely your camp looks compared to the others that lionise something or the other. If you look at the world objectively, at least try to the limit you can, you tend to isolate yourself from everyone else. People bicker over their Gods and monsters, but the outcast remains an outcast in all eyes. This is a terrible digression from what I was going to write—it is not worth it anymore. It is not the thought as much as the emotion behind it that fetches the right words. You cannot remember a sunset and paint it from memory. You can remember what a general sunset looks like, but to paint the precise one you saw on a particular evening is only possible if you paint it there and then or right after. It is waiting too long when most inspiration wanes.

Despite all the joy I felt this weekend, I will end it with a sullen voice and depressing words. It is with displeasure that I must say that people disgust me when they cannot take their biases off like a hat. It is with great concern that I must comment there is an overabundance of such people in the world. Where do we go from here? It is not something I can answer. But today—like many such days when amid a discussion, I pause and stop to make any retort or a point, when I fade into silence and continue eating my food or sipping my drink—I feel aghast at the way people think, of how they limit themselves, of how they admit they are willing to not go beyond the veil, even if they know the truth is tucked right behind it. It will always confuse me how easily people accept falsifiable truths; I try to remind them of the year, of the zeitgeist and times we live in, and then, as it always is, nothing changes. Perhaps it is my failure to attempt, but what else can you do?

Of course, this vague rambling gives you nothing, but if you have reached this far, I reckon you already know what I am talking about.

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