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I woke up beyond well-rested today, almost as if I have begun this life again, but from where I left it last night by some miracle. I stayed in bed for a bit despite knowing this delay would cost me since I had to be in another city in a few hours and back by morning, not that this trip is any crucial, only we must keep our feet moving from time to time. The paralysis of being is a slow death when one is too comfortable.

This does not matter, however. What matters is that it is too muggy for this to be a morning in late September. Yes, the only reasonable thing to worry about is the weather today. It is that or reading the newspaper like a concerned citizen of the world at large. If not that, it is some dystopian rating to measure the capability of a cab driver or a delivery person, and then, that becoming how people view them entirely. They have convinced us to think in terms of their numbers. A 4.2 on 5.0? This must be a terrible person. The point is that worry has no end once you begin. You start on one corner of the proverbial sheet of society, and you never get to the other end. You get exhausted and fall asleep in the middle. Then, you wake up well-rested on a September morning, and it is hot and sombre, more than you would ever expect, so you move your faculties to this instead.

What can I do for the world after all, if not point these things out in whatever way I can? There it is, bait for the teacher who hasn’t a clue what these words are about, but now, at least now, they have some reasonable explanation for why the words are put a certain way. Of course, this may be decades from now or never. But something tells me a teacher is smiling at these words far into the future, and to them, I say hello. To the rest of whoever reads these words, I say worry but do it gingerly. Do not go too deep into it. Do not stay outside the water either. Dip your toes and sit; you, too, will realise the only bother is the humidity. There’s little you can do about the water, but look at it.

The world is only a certain way when people are looking at it. Sometimes, that is all the world expects—for people to look at it the way it is, not how they wished it would be.

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