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I’ve learned that it’s my inherent nature to become dissatisfied with whatever goes on around and in my life eventually. So, I’ve learned how to embrace the phase where I am still in love with whatever goes on around in my life and create some record of how I felt so that I don’t forget when my nature kicks in. It’s been a week since I changed cities. It’s been a greatly challenging but epic week. I love this new phase, and I believe it is of utmost importance to share happiness. I’m happy. I may not be so tomorrow. I guess it’s with everyone. We often forget how we felt about something or how we felt on one particular day because of the phase, and in the end, we end up forgetting everything we really, truly cherished. It is my resolution, not a new years’ resolution but a personal quest to not just focus on but remember the good. It is important to remember it. You know what? We have it backwards. You focus too much on the good, you lose yourself when the good starts to disappear. You have to remember the good. It helps when it gets bad.

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