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A day in Mount Abu almost felt like being home. The sunlit trails, the trees, the casual attire, and the chilly evening were all reminders of home. The trail to the famed sunset point had me walk amidst people in carts pushed by other people, people on horses, and other walkers like me to reach very noisy spots to see what was an otherwise beautiful sunset. The crowd and the cacophony were so aggravating and in such contrast with how it felt in Pushkar that the first thought which entered my head, unfortunately so, was that people from my country just can’t appreciate beautiful things. They will always be busy buying the mundane snack, haggling with the vendors selling the snacks, judging other families who are on vacation, cursing the government even as the sun sets right in front of their eyes. You get the idea. So, I sat there, earphones in, as Bon Iver played but that wasn’t enough too for this lady couldn’t stop staring at an anomaly in the crowd who watched the sky silently. So, I decided to head back and watched the sunset from a faraway corner. There I met three people, slightly younger than me, who too wanted to enjoy a sunset, click a few photos of it and do nothing else. We talked, got to know a bit about each other, and became friends as we watched the sunset together. Too bad I’ll never enjoy the cheapest corn-on-the-cob like all those people at the sunset point though. It was a sad day indeed.

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