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People are so concerned with how the world ends, what happens when it does, will an asteroid crash into the planet as it has before, will it be ice or will it be fire, or will it be something unprecedented, unimagined, unthought as if any of it will matter? The world will most likely not end in their time, so most of it is not their concern. And if it happens in their time, it will not matter, for no one will be left to remember it. The only concern anyone should have for the world is what they do when living in it. The world ending is far too great an ordeal for a singular member of one out of the millions of species on this planet. Our only concern should be: how do I live now that I am here?

Most people talk about the end of the world, not because of scientific curiosity or some saviour complex, those who have any or both of the two are already in the right places trying to predict and understand it all, but only because it is simply easier to think no one will remember them for no one will be left to remember them. By extension, the little they did do or, in most cases, the most they left undone with the time they had here will never be recalled, never be tallied, never be thought of and considered. It is easier to think an archive of your life will be wholly lost and entirely obliterated than to accept you will remain. You will remain in the memory of others, you will remain with all your flaws and some of your virtues, you will remain until everyone you ever knew, everyone they ever mentioned your existence to, and everyone who was affected by it was gone, and all that you touched, that touched something else, which did something else in return will be destroyed. You will remain forever—what a dreaded thought. It is much easier to tell each other the world is ending soon. It is the only way so many of us can manage some sleep at night.

Yet, the world is here, and tomorrow arrives before we open our eyes. What a splendid opportunity to do better. There is no other question greater than this: how do I be better while the world still spins?

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