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Keep walking. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in the short time I’ve spent in my tiny corner of this forsaken planet, it’s this: keep walking. Nothing much matters, nothing else matters. There’s only you and the walk, and it’ll be tough, arduous even, and sometimes, downright impossible.

So, you learn to stop, and heave an enormous breath, and give your ankles some much-deserved rest, but then you get up again, and you walk again, and you go on and on. You’ll be aggravated, and you’ll hate yourself sometimes, and even one step would feel pointless; take that step, regardless.

There wasn’t much to life, and there wasn’t much to being. There was but the walk. Of course, you’ll find others who would wish you to stop, who wouldn’t understand why you’re walking, and why you won’t stop, and who’ll ask you to name destinations, and tell you it’s a dead-end there, wherever they think you’re going. Pay heed to their arguments. They will have merits of their own. So, always stop to consider, and once you’ve made up your mind, keep walking.

They don’t know what you do: there’s only the walk. In life, you don’t walk to go somewhere; you walk to walk. It’s a simple but difficult thing to digest. Once you understand that, everything gets easier. If you keep walking, provided you know when to pause not stop, and if you keep going, you’ll find something much more important along the way. You’ll find yourself. Once you do, you’ll stop to revel in it, and then you’ll walk again, further from it, until you find yourself again, and so on, and so forth.

You’ll go further than you could’ve ever been if you hadn’t kept walking in the first place. It was better than sitting, and it was better than asking others to stop, and it was the only thing life was about: the walk. You keep walking when nothing makes sense, and I promise you, everything will, eventually.

You have my word.

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