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I couldn’t tell you how it felt. I can’t do justice to what I saw when I did. You had to be there to see it with your own eyes. I was a part of the greatest generation in the history of this sorry planet. We were all a bit crazy, all of us starting little rebellions from our bedrooms.

We pretended to play by the rules during the day. We pretended all day long, and we laughed, and we cried, but at night, when the door was shut, we sat in front of dimly lit screens, making art. It was our Renaissance.

It was our street in Florence. It was our cosy cafĂ© in Paris. It was much more, so much more than that. It was an unprecedented revolution of epic proportions. It was when “art” was realised for what it truly meant: expression.

It was the Silicon Age of Art. I really can’t tell you how it felt, but we were, in our own way, infinite. We were forever. All of us combined, creating art together. Art was free, art was out in the street: in every home, in every room, in every screen, and in every head.

We were all artists. We all had something to say, and we damn well said it, every day. No one in the world, no one in the past, and no one in the future could ask us to stand down because we wouldn’t, and they knew it. We were there, we were then, and we were ready with our crafts in our hands. All of them knew it. All of us knew it, too.

We were all in it together: the grandest collaboration of all time. Some wrote, some painted, some shot, some clicked, some danced, some sang and some talked. Some of us would be remembered forever, and some of us would get lost within bytes and bytes of data, but we couldn’t care less.

All we wanted to do was tell them how we felt, and we did it every day, as honestly as we could. It was the greatest generation on Earth. All of us creating cluelessly, all of us creating ruthlessly, united by the dimly lit screen at night.

Art was no more, and everything was art. Nothing mattered, and everything did. We were millions and millions of people leaving our legacies behind every day. We were the greatest generation of all time. We were infinite. We were art.

You had to be there to see it.

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