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Maybe many years from now, I’ll take a walk along the promenade in the city where it rains a tad bit too much. Maybe it will start to rain. Perhaps I’ll rush to the petit café nearby as I run for shelter. Maybe I’ll slip and stumble on the slippery, pebbled yard.

Maybe, I’ll bump into you.

“Hi,” I’ll say and stand there, dumbfounded, at a loss for words that would otherwise form too cleverly on my tongue. You’ll look at me for a second, dazed. Perhaps, in that moment, you’ll decide between pretending to not know me or giving me a long-overdue hug.

Maybe, you’ll decide on the hug.

Maybe we’ll take the table outside, hiding under the shelter. Maybe we’ll decide to talk about life. Maybe we’ll be awkward and not know what to say but knowing us, I’m sure we’ll start blabbering.

Perhaps we’d start right after we said goodbye.

Maybe, we’d tell each other the stories we’d been saving for years, hoping for this little coincidence, knowing to some degree that it was bound to happen.

Maybe, I’ll ask you what you were doing in the city, and maybe, you’d tell me you just wanted to visit. Perhaps you’ll ask me the same, and perhaps, I’ll crack a joke about taking the train only because I knew you’ll be there.

Maybe, we’ll laugh as the rain would stop.

I wonder if we’ll decide to keep sitting anyway. Maybe, we’ll sit there for hours, until it’s closing time, and maybe, we’ll get a takeaway in the final call, only to walk along, together.

Perhaps, it will all make sense then, and perhaps life will have all been worth it till then.

Maybe we’d look back at life and how it unfolded. Maybe we’ll laugh about it all as we’d sit under the night sky, staring at the sea, together, sharing stories until the sun starts to rise.

The possibility, the maybes and the perhapses make me wonder, though.

I wonder how that morning would feel. I wonder if we’ll sit together till the sun rises. I wonder if we’ll even get that takeaway. I wonder if you’ll decide on the hug. I wonder if I’ll bump into you. I wonder if I’ll even take that walk. I wonder if we’ll ever be in the same city.

I wonder how life will unfold until then. I wonder if it will even unfold at all.

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