What Do You Talk About When You Talk About Things?

Woke up with a somewhat ominous feeling in my gut, my chest, as if something terribly good or remarkably bad was about to happen. Made a cup of coffee, and it did not taste as it should have. There are days that begin with disarray, and then there is disarray that takes over your days. I do not know which is which. The coffee tastes better now. I am shocked at how quickly we get used to things.

I wonder if you, whoever reads these words, have ever found yourself to be the next descendent in a long line of those marred with the misfortune of not coming across more creators in their life, in their days, of talking to people who do not have much below the surface, and even if they do, they have rarely explored it. They live in the make-believe of all society tells them to; there are no eccentricities in them, no oddities, no human-like features. And even when given a chance to stop and think about something, they are interested in the next line of news or the next person they can bow before. Godhood, celebrity, infamy—it is all the same. It cannot exist without those who bow, and there are always those who bow. Their lives are dictated by tabloids of who went where and who said what, and it is all they think about day after day if they ever think about anything in the first place. What are they so busy with? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but I would bet my chips on some activity that brings nothing new in the world, only moves some documents around from one place to another, and now, to make it easier for them, like it was any difficult before, from one computer to another.

You talk to them about art or science, anything that truly matters, and it is only you talking. To them, it is a conversation so profoundly offensive, in how facing the truth is offensive, that they feign opinion, and even then, they quote what they heard someplace from someone. In the end, people like us, you and me, have to get used to things and never get to talk about the things we wish to talk about. It is a blessing, then, that getting used to things is so easy. ii do not know what I would have done if it were any harder.

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