Out of Mind, Out of Sight, Out of Words

Saturday is here again. The soft pastel touch of the morning light paints everything in the apartment. I make a cup of coffee and settle in. There have been days without much writing lately. While it still does not sit right with me, I can live with it. There are times we live our days, and there are times we write about them. I am only waiting for life to happen to me, and if I have it in me, on some days, I am putting my best foot forward and making it happen.

As I sat and watched some TV last night, it occurred to me how a year ago, one of my many complaints from life was that I do not meet many new people, that it is a repetition of most things but especially people, and that I thrived on conversation, but not if I kept having the same ones over and over again. Then, I did a quick tally on my fingers, and it seems even with all I had to complain about it, I had indeed met people I did not know.

How did that happen? How anything happens.

The city has been under construction for the better part of the last decade. Dusty streets, large cranes towering the little town, sounds of drills, jackhammers wherever you walk, and for the most part, you look at it, and it seems like it is all the same, that things have not changed in the slightest. But then, you stop and truly look around, and you see it has all gotten so much better, that the little town is nowhere to be seen. Whether that is for the best depends on how rooted your feet are in the cement of the past, and I do not have a stake in that. From where I stand, however, things have changed without us realising that all that noise, all that commotion, all that inconvenience has indeed led to something. That is my only concern at this moment.

I am only looking for life to happen as life does, and I think once there is enough that happens, once the well refills, I will have more to say about it. For now, I must revel in these days. My mind has gone awfully quiet. I do not know if it is for the best, but if you wait long enough, good things come out of time. That much, I know.

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