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Most of what we do in life is either right or beautiful, provided, of course, that there is a sense of agency in a person. If that is missing, then most of what they do is irrelevant and should rarely become a cause of concern. But for those of us who have some agency, who believe in their hands and themselves, and who trust themselves to change course on their own, we have both the opportunity to decide correctly, to gather every bit of knowledge there is, to stand tall as a tree, our feet planted like roots, if we know ourselves to be right, and to stand there alone come snow or sun, and we have the opportunity to set everything ablaze including ourselves and become a spectacle for all to see.

But what most people fail to consider often is that a good measure of overlap, that most things that are right may be beautiful, too, and how could most things that appear beautiful be ever so wrong?

Most life is not spent on the extremes of it all but in the muddy waters as we wade against the dirt to reach the bank. Most life is spent in the sprawling middle, and most things we do are right and beautiful. I have good reason to believe in this, of course. I realised this early on that being right counted on most days and that the price of it was hefty and often absurdly large. I also realised early on that everything dubbed beautiful appeared just so, and we must go out of our way to experience life from the perspective of someone who died and came back to life so they look at a loaf of bread as if it were a pound of gold.

Every memory I remember fondly could be considered doctored, for it did not fully happen on its own, and all my waking life is spent looking for the opportunity to have a splendid day. Nothing less would do! And if I must push myself to the breaking point, shove myself into situations, and force myself to stay awake until my body gives up, so be it. It has been a life worth remembering so far, and it has been a never-ending effort.

To merely be a living person and to be alive are two different things, and only one of the two is right and beautiful.

And I am glad I have been able to see the difference, and I hope, with all my heart, you can, too.

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