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All things happen when they happen, and deadlines are for fools. If you have worked in a job, regardless of what you did there, whether you were a pencil pusher or someone who made actual effort during the day, you would know it. I believe there are idiots, and there are people who get things done, and those who get things done know that anxiety over all that remains undone is wasteful. On some days, you do more, and on some days, you do less, and all of it adds up in the end. I have been smothered by my mind for the past few weeks, and I have not done as much as I would have liked to, and I have noticed this in myself, in how I have reacted to things, and in the hours wasted on this couch, lying and thinking about nothing but everything that has happened to me in this life. This, I reckon, is also work. We are the longest projects we ever partake in, and the work never ends. There is always something to fix, and something to take care of, and formalities here and there, and papers to sign now and then, and often, we require a break from this onerous job of being a person.

Note that I intentionally left the slackers out of the discussion to make this appear like a dichotomy. But of course, indeed, there are not just idiots and those who get things done; there are always slackers. And if you know them, then you also know that it does not matter what you do; they will always feign malicious incompetence, raise their hands, and leave the room before you can address their lack of valuable output. And no amount of complaining or rage or flailing to upper management brings about any change whatsoever. And in this grand project of ourselves, this is more true than anything else. And the best thing anyone can ever do is keep their head down and do what needs to be done. I have gotten this far by doing just that: my due diligence. And I have met all sorts of people, and it has not made a sliver of difference. Life has gotten on as it would have, and I have continued working.

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