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I was always scared of roller-coasters and rides that went too far up into the sky. I was scared of a lot of things, and yet I did them eventually. I’m still scared of a lot of things but I’m sure if I want to, I’ll manage to do them. I’ve learnt one thing over the years. It’s a really simple but convoluted lesson—lie to yourself. Your brain has spent years developing the mould you’re stuck in. It was to protect you, and it worked. It served its purpose. Now, you’re stuck and you want to break out of the mould but you can’t because of the same narrative. It is the same loop of the same things you’ve always told yourself. This is where you lie. You lie to yourself and tell yourself that you’ve never been scared of the thing you think scares you. It takes a little bit of convincing, a bit of a nudge and a leap of faith but it works, more or less. We’re always in flux and always growing, but only if we allow ourselves to grow. Sometimes, the stories we tell us about ourselves are our biggest obstacles, really. How do you lie to yourself though? A friend’s comment comes to mind, “Close your eyes, if you’re dead scared, but you have to try that coaster once. You’ll want to get on it again. Trust me.”

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