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I did not think of much today, but I did learn a few things about cocktails and art in the Islamic age. Unrelated trivia, of course, but it pays to be curious. At best, it comes in handy at just the right moment as you surprise everyone. And if it is never used, it is good to share with friends at a party. When will the moment arise to segue into it? You wonder. There always is a moment. If it does not present itself, you can always begin with “Did you know…” and it would be some fact and not gossip, and everyone would be glad for it.

There is so much to this world. Rich, multi-faceted histories have come along as strands of thread, and continually, we weave them into what we call life, the world, society, what have you! But how many people study the strands? How many people keep track of them? The world is, after all, ever-evolving, ever-growing.

I am guilty of not doing it enough, and I have always been one of the interested ones. What do the others have to show for all their years living? What is a person who does not know a few things about the world they live in? Sharing knowledge with your fellow people should be on a person’s list of high priorities. But people seldom read, and if they do, they do to gain something out of it. And when I say gain, I mean the ugly bits—the next promotion, the next bag of money, the top spot in some collective imagination. But knowledge is noble, and we must always consider it the highest of pursuits.

If someone pretends to be a lawyer and wins every case that comes their way, who should be in prison—the fraud or the qualified? It depends on how you define both of those words.

At the time of writing of these words, the world does not define them well. I wonder how it all came to this.

Now, now, isn’t that a good question to ask?

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