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Lately, all I hear from others is their opinion and different takes on how I have changed. I do not know what provoked and poked the comments out of their mouths, but I am glad for them because otherwise, all I get to hear from them is convoluted and candy-wrapped criticism about the peculiarities of my nature and existence. In any case, this will eventually become a peculiarity as well. People do not take long to turn what they like or appreciate about someone into their flaws. What they love about you gradually becomes what they repeatedly make fun of, dislike or point out.

My attention to detail is adored until it becomes a problem. I do not mind this any more than I mind a rainy day. But people are not like this. A warm afternoon in January is celebrated; the same is hated in July. We should not care for the nature of things. People are this way. You could not change them for the life of you, and there are better pursuits to spend your energy on than attempting to change someone. Even if there is space in us to change, it only occurs if we want to change; it happens at our behest and with our permission. No one can change a person who is unwilling to change, and no one can ever nudge someone into someone they do not want to become themselves. People may be like clay, but they are also the modellers.

In any case, of my own volition, I have changed, and for now, it is something everyone has enjoyed, and this has made me happy. Not because I wanted to transform my life and myself to garner attention but because it is a fuzzy feeling when we are noticed. “You have become so steadfast and sure,” someone told me recently. “Thank you,” I said and smiled. I wanted to ask if it was a good thing, but then, I figured it does not do well to probe when someone compliments you, even if we are not sure it is a compliment.

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