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You know who I despise? Overly-friendly people. I have nothing against being cheerful but have you met that one person who just won’t stop smiling, or talking to you like you are the most beautiful panda cub on the planet? I hate those people. I hate them because I know for a fact they’re faking, and I cannot tolerate that.

In fact, I’d take a person with a crooked smile, whose face betrays their words, over an audaciously and annoyingly smiling person whose tone, not words, are overly positive. I have nothing against positive words, but that cringeworthy tone that screams “Oh, I’m from the land of rainbows and everything good in the world”, that tone riles me up.

I hate overly-friendly people because they’re not real; they’re trying too hard. It isn’t the angry, frustrated, or the frowning you should look out for. On the contrary, it’s the Mr. Sunshines you should keep an eye out for.

There’s a reason stereotypical serial killers are shown to pretend to be (overly) good; it’s quite frankly the easiest thing to emulate.

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