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We sat in the sun and talked about things. Then, we talked about sitting in the sun itself, and I could not stop thinking about it. The golden sun continued landing its kisses on us, and I was so present, so enamoured by the moment, that if someone asked me what I was thinking about, I would be at a loss for words. It would be an understatement and a gross injustice to even the tiniest second from those hours to say that it was a good morning, that it was time well spent. If I were to live my life again, I would sit under the same sun, with the same people and talk about the same things each time, and if I were to live a different life and make other choices, I would find a way to do it still. This is how I felt, and this is what was on my mind when we sat under the golden embrace of the faultlessly clear morning.

And so, this is all I am thinking about today: people. Most people I know do not look too kindly to others until there is an agreement on everything they talk about together, and I see that as a lost opportunity. How great it is that most of the people I know do not see eye to eye with me on most things! How wonderful and truly human we are, and equally flawed and sure of ourselves! But we can sit together, sometimes, and we can search for a middle ground. My life is an attempt, a grand adventure for this: a place where everyone can sit together, all our differences kept on the table, nonchalantly and innocently, like a pair of keys, a wallet or a phone. And I am a fool for this, for most people do not think this way, but then, in my heart, I am an idealist.

It is strategic to celebrate people in a place, in a world where there is an abundance of them. It is the only play for us, but most people do not think this way. That may be true, but in the morning today, as we sat in the sun together, I forgot about all of it for some time. We sat in the sun today and talked about sitting in the sun, of how we crave it, and how that hour was a blessing—not in disguise, no—but bare and naked, outward and audacious, sure and certain.

To acknowledge a blessing, to know the precise moment it was sprinkled all over you—this, too, is an experience.

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