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Anything you lose too quickly does not deserve to be held by you, and you should make proper arrangements to change how you keep it, and if that seems impossible, you must let it go.

If you keep losing a ring, you need to check if it’s too loose and get it bent to size. Temporarily, you may even wind a string through and around it to tighten it. But if you promise yourself you’ll get it fixed but never do, you must stop wearing it. It saves you from heartache when you lose it, as you inevitably will. We should not take second or third chances for granted. Something lost once is lost forever. Sometimes, serendipity intervenes. But beyond that little favour, it’s all up to you.

If you keep losing your composure, for example, in a year which has left but a smidge of it remaining. If your patience seems like a flimsy, ceramic mug with cracks on every corner of it, you should let it break sooner than later. You must loosen your grip on it all and, unhinged as it may seem, rage against it all. You must let go and scream. If you keep losing your composure, you may need to lose it all before you can start amassing it. Then, you must be careful to never lose it again.

And what if you lose a lover once? Well, you must follow suit. You must let them go. If that seems too painful, you must do it in secret. You must slowly cease meeting them or calling them and find someone else. It is the best outcome for everyone facing the misfortune of being involved in the shenanigans of your fecklessness.

No object, and surely, no person should be at the receiving end of irresponsibility. It is the worst possible thing a person can do to anything on this planet. And most people live life this way. They keep losing things and promising they will change their ways or get them fixed, but then, time passes, and they are still who they are—they lose things and leave a trail of trinkets behind.

And then, they throw a fit against the world, knowing in their heart their pain is unwarranted and, frankly, selfish. They flail knowing that all they had to do was be careful.

And if that was simply not possible, all they had to do was let go.

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