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We went to bed at eleven; our bodies were tired and our bellies were full. We lay in bed and looked at the sky without a shelter above us. The moon shone brightly and the sky had some stars. It wasn’t as breathtaking as we had heard, and in a way, it felt boring so I dozed off. A dog, from the pack of six or seven which kept wandering around us in the desert, started barking all of a sudden at three in the morning. I guess all of us had dozed off and the barking woke all of us up. There wasn’t any talk that happened, and it was only in the morning that we learned all of us were awake. No one said a word as everybody looked at the sky. The moon had disappeared. The sky was full of stars, and there was nothing else. There were just stars spread evenly on a wide dark sheet that covered everything. As I lay there, for I can only speak for myself, I looked at the sky and kept gazing at a star, moving to the next a while later, until my attention was stolen by a shooting star, and then another. I stopped counting shooting stars at twelve. I guess there was no point counting my wishes or blessings. I’m not a believer but for a few hours, I believed in it alright. I don’t remember when I dozed off, remembering things and counting shooting stars, thinking I’ll never see something as beautiful as that night sky. Then, I woke up, almost instantly, to a sunrise, and just in a few hours the universe had proved me wrong yet again.

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