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Often when people get drunk together, as drunks often do, someone says something nobody wants to hear or, worse, admit. They say it simply because it is true, and all true things should be said. Most brawls are started by honest men, and most fires are fuelled by a need for warmth. By saying all that, I only mean to suggest that all good intentions are just that, intentions. They have no say over the outcome, and if you are like me, and if you try to be honest and have a penchant for getting drunk, you will find yourself in situations where you have said the wrong thing, which really is the honest thing. You will learn that most camaraderie falls apart on the first honest word. So, if you cannot moderate the liquor, you must, by all means, stay your word. Of course, it is easier said than done; live even one-fourth of life, and you will see that most worthwhile things share that tendency.

Now, I do not mean for you to lie. No one who wishes any good upon someone should ever expect them to lie. If anyone has ever given you a word of advice which enables your dishonesty, firstly, you must not feel bad at being enticed by it as all people have a liar in them, and secondly, you must understand that the person is no friend. No friend should ever ask a friend to lie, and given you have read this till here, I believe you and I are friends. Perhaps, we will meet someday, or maybe, I am long gone, and you have stumbled upon what remains of these words. Whatever it may be, you must listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you.

When I say you must stay your word, I only mean that most people who get offended by the honest word will not have in them the stomach to hold their booze or their emotions, and while people like this deserve to be offended, you, on the other hand, do not deserve their vulgarity and unseemly attitude. In the end, you will feel worse, and all that alcohol will have been wasted, for you will have sobered up immediately.

If you are like me, which I believe you are, you will know how terrible the waste of a good bottle is. This, and only this, is my drinking advice to anyone.

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