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The Blue City has really blue skies, not to mention the now decreasing blue houses and buildings. As I sat on a rock at Singhoria Hill this evening, something amazing happened. The entire city started to shower itself in lights, one by one. First, Mehrangarh Fort lit up as the dark brown fort turned bright orange under the navy blue sky. Then, one by one, lights started flickering on in different houses and streets. I think it was the overview effect, of sorts, that sitting on the hill gave me but it was really nice to watch the sudden shift from blue to yellow and orange. As soon as the blue city got engulfed in the evening darkness, one rock lit up, and then so did all of them, one by one. I guess, you could take that as an analogy for a lot of things or you could just let it be what it is, a city defeating the evening. At the end of the day, how you look at things will always be how you look at things, and I guess, however you do it is fine as long as you remember to turn the light on when the day gets dark.

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