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There are times I feel like this world is not as great as the pitch made it out to be, that the marketing was off, and if I must say, it was deceitful. The poets were all selling lies and snake oil. There was so much that was promised, and it seems little of what was promised is here. And no matter how far you walk away from trouble, it seems to always be in the line of sight. But then, I remember how we must keep walking. I once read research that said the human body was designed to walk. And my first question was: to where? Then, it occurred to me that the first humans walked to nowhere in particular. It occurred to me how it was the start of civilisation: walking. But what use is walking when we cannot see where we’re going? Even so, we must keep walking. Each step we take makes our ancestors smile. “They have not forgotten the greatest lesson, even after all this time,” they may say to each other in languages we won’t even understand today.

And so, for all my complaints with the world, I often think of a just and kind place. The irony of how seldom those two agree with one another is not washed over me. But I imagine it. And then, it occurs to me, if I can imagine a world like that, then surely, I must continue to be here; I must continue to walk towards it on my own path. Perhaps, the world I think of may still come to pass. I may still get to lend a hand in its creation.

I reckon it is a bit early to call the fate of everything; we have not seen all the cards yet. We have not seen how things unfold. It is too early, and we are the lucky ones. We get to change it, even by a smidge, even if a little. If a world that is kind exists, it must begin with us, and if a world that is just comes to pass, it must start with us, too, and they must come together—a chore even the greatest rulers have failed at carrying out, but we must try.

There is still some fight left in the world. It is too early to call it. There, look, hope has just gotten off the ground. It seems to me it won’t go down as easily. Not yet, not yet, not ever.