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You’re sitting at the airport, waiting for the gates to open and for boarding to begin. You’re tired, you’re making a plan as you go and it’s only the beginning of a long time. At least, it feels longer in your head. Months have started to feel like years now. Perhaps, it’s the age. Perhaps, it’s the eventfulness. You’re not in the best state of your mind but you’re still making the most of the opportunities you have in life. As the daily cocktail of thoughts spins around in your head, you look at an old couple sitting right across from you. They’re talking to each other; smiling. The man folds a newspaper and keeps it on his luggage. You look around. You see a lady, way older than you, talking on the phone obnoxiously loudly. You get a bit irritated but then you let it go as you turn your head to the other side. A toddler walks a few steps and then falls flat on the ground. He gets up. He laughs. You see another man approach the seat beside you. He asks, rather excitedly, “Deccan Herald!?” The old man sitting across from you says “yes” as he hands him the folded newspaper. You smile just at the energy of that question. You look further ahead, you see a familiar face. It’s your cousin. It’s a happy coincidence. Before you get up to say “Hi”, you decide the cocktail of thoughts can sit at the back burner for a while. It’s alright. Everything is alright. Alright is enough.

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