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The rejection of an ideal is not in talking ill of it. If one does that, they inadvertently accept that it exists, that there is some value in it. To reject an idea, you must never talk about it, you must rarely mention its existence, and you must show that life is possible without it. Without relying on labels, I carry myself righteously, as much as possible, which is my argument for how I see things. The way I live is the only thing I have to say. My life, without all labels people find comfort in, will eventually be a testament to my point of view. There is no need for any anger or debate. There is no time for any either. There is a whole life to live.

I do not deem any labels worthy of talking about. I do not intend to acknowledge their existence. To me, the world is the same, with or without them. People who hide behind them will find something else to hide behind, as they always do. This will not have any say in how the world will still spin. This will not have any pull on the proportion of good and evil in the world. It will only let some people sleep peacefully at night. Why should I break their infinite mirror of illusion when I can simply live a life that forces them to stare uncomfortably at their own reflection?

Unlike what many friends and lovers have told me, this is not a neutral position. I think it is, in many ways, more aggressive than debating principles, but it is a pacifist approach. We do not have to be at arms to bring about change. There is a reason we invented language and, more importantly, punctuation. It is not about the right word but a fitting pause. The pause has split borders, it has broken affairs and hearts, it has divided families, and all that without a sound.

A long time ago, I decided that is what my life would be, even though I have made an exception in my approach by writing these words. A long time ago, I decided in a noisy world full of opinion, my life will be an example; in a world overflowing with words, it will be a pause.

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